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We provide a variety of services aimed at helping our patients live their best lives.  Below is a short description of the services provided. 


Give us a call if you have any questions or would like more information. Our services are constantly evolving to include the most up to date treatments in the industry.​


During the first appointment, time will be taken to assess all aspects of your condition.  Multiple joints and body systems will be thoroughly examined to determine the best plan of care moving forward. Information will be gathered at this appointment to assess progress and determine the effectiveness of skilled physical therapy.


Electrical Stimulation can be utilized in a variety of ways.  It can manage pain, re-activate neuromuscular function, and strengthen weak muscles.  E-stim can help improve function and reduce pain to allow for therapy to progress at a steady rate.

*Contraindicated for patients with pacemakers.

Gait training

Gait training focuses providing feedback to walk efficiently.  Poor walking form can lead to overuse injuries, falls, or difficulty getting around the community.  We can make equipment recommendations, improve your activity tolerance, and reduce your risk of falls.

Fall assessment

We have a variety of assessments aimed to determine fall risk.  These assessments can help us to find the cause of your falls, and how to prevent future falls.  Treatment will be aimed on reducing the risk of falls, to reduce the risk of injuries.  We can aide you in making your home safer and provide you with equipment recommendations.

run assessment

Are you having pain during running, or wanting to reduce your time before your next race?  We can provide a thorough running assessment to help you reach your full potential.  Treatment will focus on strength, power, and form alterations.  Proper form and strength can allow you to run further, faster, and avoid injuries

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is utilized to improve the health of soft tissue. Treatments may include the use of tools, the therapists hands, or the massage gun. These treatments can help manage pain, encourage proper healing, and improve range of motion. Providing manual therapy can allow the patient to return to their prior level of function more quickly.

home assessment 

Are you having difficulty showering, cooking, or doing laundry?  Let us perform a home assessment and make recommendations to keep you in your home longer.  Recommendations may include grab bars, toilet raisers, night lights, shower chairs, or furniture layouts to improve your mobility.


Exercise is the foundation to healthy movement. Exercise can be used provide joint support, accelerate athletic performance, or improve your function throughout the day.  We have access to a variety of weights, machines, and resistance bands to provide each patient with an individualized plan. We can provide you with the tools you need to get back on your feet and reach your goals.


If you're experiencing dizziness, call us for a walk-in appointment.  Treatment may include specific positioning, desensitization of movements, or treatment for concussions.  Dizziness can increase falls, cause nausea, and impair your ability to work.  Let us help you get back to your work or activities by reducing your symptoms.

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