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Provide specific and quality rehabilitation services to each individual, through the implementation of honest and educational care.


Provide treatment to allow community members the freedom to live their best lives.

  • Medicare

  • Medicaid

  • BlueCross BlueShield

  • Cash - Pay Options

Core Values

Honest: It is our duty to keep patients informed of their options through honesty.  Your health is your choice, which why we will always provide honest information about your care.​​

Respectful: Everyone deserves the best care possible, which is why we will provide each patient with the utmost respect.


Accessible: We accept numerous insurance provider, have a cash pay option, and are available 5 days per week to make it possible for all community members to come to therapy.

Educational: Our therapists aim to educate the community on health conditions, injuries, and how to stay healthy. We aim to help you make informed medical decisions.

Trustworthy: Measures have been taken to protect your privacy with the technology used, the training provided to our therapists, and the way that personal information is stored.

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