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Don’t let injuries, surgery, or disease hold you back from living your life to the fullest.

True Treatment PT is here to keep you on the go by increasing your flexibility, strength, and balance.

Whether your goal is to keep up with grandkids, dance the night away, or bring your athleticism to the next level – True Treatment can help get you back on your feet and living the life you love.


True Treatment Physical Therapy is designed to provide accessible physical therapy treatment to all community members.  True Treatment PT aims to help its patients reach their full potential.  Let us help you get back to sports, go hiking, or carry your grandkids.

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  • Post-surgical Rehabilitation

  • Vestibular/Dizziness

  • Balance Training 

  • Endurance Training 

  • Sports Injury Recovery

  • Pain Management

  • Functional Training

  • Post-Stroke Rehabilitation

  • Orthopedic Injury Recovery

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